Welcome to the Crypto Galaxy

Your MoneySmart x Luno Discover Starter Pack

Welcome, newly-minted astronaut, to this vast world of Cryptocurrencies!
Before you begin your journey, you’ll first need to equip yourself with knowledge so that you can make informed decisions and will be prepared to mitigate risks and avoid dangers along the way.

We've partnered with Luno's crypto education hub, Luno Discover, to bring you this handy beginner-friendly guide so that you’ll know how to keep yourself safe while exploring the world of Cryptocurrencies! So suit up, and let’s go!

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Crypto?

Knowing what sort of space traveller you’d be could help you to identify your knowledge gaps and how ready you are for the journey ahead.


The Bit(coin) Bang Theory

Bitcoin was born over a decade ago, which led to the boom in cryptocurrencies that you now know. We take a look at how Crypto began, as well as the main events leading up to the present.


Know Your Crypto Galaxy

Learn about the various elements in the Crypto Galaxy to make your exploration safer and easier Find out more about blockchain technology and how that created coins, tokens and stablecoins; as well as NFTs and the concept of DeFi.


Watch Where You Fly

In the Crypto Galaxy, even seasoned astronauts need to beware of dangers, risks and even traps. Find out about the common crypto scams and how to avoid getting entangled in one.


Healthy Crypto Habits

These could make all the difference for a safer and smoother journey through the Crypto Galaxy.

We take a look at the need for research and education and how to do that, employing certain investing practices, security and always being on your toes.

This partnership between Moneysmart & Luno is for educational purposes only. Luno Singapore has been awarded in-principle approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Payment Services Act 2019. Cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment. The value of cryptocurrency can fluctuate significantly and you may lose the capital you invest. Before investing, we urge you to educate yourself about cryptocurrencies and to familiarise yourself with the risks involved, which are detailed in Luno’s Risk Warning: https://luno.money/24o This partnership between MoneySmart Singapore & Luno Discover and the content created is for educational purposes only. This was not written by the licensed entity, MoneySmart Financial.

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